Legends is delivered through a partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s innovationXchange and the LAUNCH Food platform by SecondMuse

DFAT innovationXchange

The innovationXchange (iXc) is the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT)
development innovation hub. The iXc shares learnings and brokers new connections so
that innovation becomes intrinsic to the delivery of the whole Australian Aid program.
The Launch Legends program is an innovationXchange initiative.


SecondMuse builds economies of the future in collaboration with visionary cities,
countries, nonprofits and startups. From Bali to Brooklyn, they develop the
communities and networks that help drive social, environmental and economic innovation.
SecondMuse led the design of the Launch Legegends challenge through their LAUNCH Food
innovation platform, and oversaw the implementation of both pilot projects.


Millipede is a game-based app development company that specialises in play-based apps for educational purposes.
Millipede designed and delivered the Our Special Island pilot in Tonga.


S1T2 stands for Story 1st, Technology 2nd. S1T2 is a creative technology company founded on a belief hat technology can enrich the way we tell stories. This belief has driven them to work with some of the world’s most famous organisations, agencies and governments posing creative endeavours and challenges.
S1T2 designed and delivered the Beyond the Stars pilot in Fiji.

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