OSI Results

After the successful implementation of Our Special Island, an in-depth evaluation was conducted on the pilot program 
The evaluation included children, teachers, and parents to help understand the experiences of participants in the pilot. It also helped to record children’s ability to identify healthy foods, gauge attitudinal shifts around healthy eating, and reveal unexpected outcomes.

The Goals

To understand how the pilot had: 

Increased awareness of healthy food options, especially local foods

Shifted children’s preferences towards healthy food

Raised awareness about the value of play-based and game-based learning using innovative technology

Taught the delivery team about doing innovation in the Pacific

The Results

The results confirm that innovative technologies are an effective education tool in increasing awareness of healthy food options and shifting children’s preferences towards healthy food.

For the full report, please contact Wil Monte from Millipede at wil@millipede.com.au 


increase in students’ ability to draw healthy foods


increase in students’ ability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food examples


double the number of teachers feeling ‘very confident’ using an iPad as a teaching tool by the end of the pilot


teachers recognise the benefits of using play and games to support young children’s learning by the end of the pilot


schools organise unprompted healthy food presentations of songs, games and in-class cooking

Image by Rachael Imam

Our Special Island demonstrates the potential for innovative technology to affect positive change to health and nutrition in the region.

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