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Beyond the Stars

Beyond the Stars is an education and storytelling pilot program designed for Fijian children in their fourth year of school. The program has been developed through a partnership between the Australian Government and the LAUNCH Food platform, and is supported by the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts, Fiji. It is being delivered by creative technology agency S1T2.





Tash Tan

Co-founder of S1T2




Inspired by the stories of local Fijians, Beyond the Stars takes students on a journey to reclaim the sacred knowledge of an ancient Pacific civilisation that holds the key to restoring health and prosperity in the land.

The story is told across multiple mediums, including an introductory cinematic, an immersive VR experience, a mobile application, and a graphic novel.

As they progress through the story, students learn about nutritious eating, physical activity and culture that builds on their existing health and nutrition curriculum.


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The Pilot

When: October - November 2018

Where: 9 primary schools across Suva, Nausori, Ra and Nadroga on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji

What: Cinematic, immersive virtual reality experience, educational storybook and mobile game

Who: Year 4 students (ages 9 and 10)



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